Container ablution blocks are ideal for all your onsite requirements, be it on a building site, a mining venture or anything else.

Ablutions are available in 6 metre and 12 metre containers and include:

- 4 steel windows, rain gutters and burglar bars

- 1 cut-out door with rain gutter

- Painted interior and exterior

- 3 toilets complete with cubicles and doors

- 2 showers complete with hot and cold taps

- 2 shower curtains

- 2 hand wash basins with cold water taps

- 1 urinal

- 1 DB Board

- 4 double plugs

- 2 single 4-foot fluorescent lights

- Light switches

- Conduits and wiring

Optional extras include a 150 litre geyser and insulation.

Various configurations are available including a combination male/female ablution. Contact us to get a quote on exactly what you need.