When You Choose a Refrigerated Shipping Container, Keep This in Mind

When it comes to container purchasing and usage, many people don’t know too much about it, unless of course, they work with it often and use them for business. Choosing the right container can be difficult enough, especially depending on your needs. This gets even more so complicated when it comes to second hand containers, or using containers for unconventional things, like turning them into swimming pools, or buildings. Things continue to be complicated when you need to use a refrigerated container.

Why You Would Need a Refrigerated Container

There are a few reasons why you would need a refrigerated shipping container or reefer over a regular one. This is dependent on what you want to transport and where to certain items, such as food, would need to be stored in a cooler place to be transported, especially over long distances. Fruits, vegetables and most certainly meats will not be able to survive lengthy travels in our South African climate. These containers are a great way to give you instant chilled storage, even onsite instead of building something from scratch.

Things to Consider When Choosing One   

When you’re choosing the storage container, you will need to know if you should rent one or buy one. This will depend on your needs, but if you need long term storage, purchasing one might be a better investment. Look at the space you need and what sizes are available. You don’t want to waste your crops and stocks waiting to receive a bigger unit. What are your temperature needs, somethings will require certain humidity levels and others will need to be frozen, it all depends on the things that need to be stored, plants, food or medicine.

Container Rental

If you have a need for a temperature controlled container, get in contact with Container Rental to get the reefer best suited for you. Each container comes with a pre-tip inspection. The have containers that are standard sizes of 6 metres, or 12 metres. They do offer special orders that include - 3 metres, addition of cold room doors, conversion to blast freezer.

AfrikaBurn Commission Container Rental and Sales for Container Conversions

Container Rental and Sales were honored to be chosen by AfricaBurn to convert containers for this years event. 

Afrikaburn's intention is to generate a society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society. Contact Afrikaburn at http://www.afrikaburn.com

See photo of the ticket office we created for #afrikaburn contact us to get your own for your event.




Container Rental and Sales have just completed a repair and upgrade of Waves for Charge's  facility at Monwabesi Beach.

Waves Waves for Change provides safe spaces, access to caring adults, and provision of weekly ‘Surf Therapy Sessions’, to help young people from volatile backgrounds develop skills to regulate behavior, build healing relationships, cope with stress and make positive life-choices.

#container building

Stairs to off office and surfshop repair centor


Container Rental and Sales Upgrading Rental Fleet

Since the beginning of 2016 we have been upgrading our rental fleet by painting the containers in our new corporate color water blue. All our office containers are being upgraded and have insulted and air conditioning as standard. The distinctive color also improves the image of our clients on site 

We rent the following

3 and 6 meter office containers

3, 6 and 12 meter store containers

6 & 12 meter reefer containers

Call us for a competitive quote. We only rent in Cape Town and Surounds



Rental Office.JPG

Boost Your Image When Buying a Container With Branding

At container rental and Sales we sell containers to many companies who use these containers on site to transport there goods or for static storage. Very few of the companies we sell to Brand there containers they just buy them as is use them. Bellow are some examples where companies have braded

 Branding on the move. Let prospective clients see your name and services on the road

Branding on the move. Let prospective clients see your name and services on the road

 Getting your brand and slogan out there

Getting your brand and slogan out there

 Office container in company branding Let your image show

Office container in company branding Let your image show

 Fully branded office container painted in company colours

Fully branded office container painted in company colours

Branding makes a difference and can inprove your image and your perception in the market place