Here is a great example of how we are kept on our toes.

After many months of to-ing and fro-ing we finally got an order from our client, a very highly regarded, ISO9001 accredited engineering company whose customer, a major mining house, needed us to supply and modify three pairs of container doors including frames.

 The scope of works on three containers included:

·         Removal all the frames and doors

·         Modification of the  frames to specific measurements  - 3.0m x 2.7m

·         The doors had to be extensively modified and which, because of the extension, had to be refitted with rubbers and locking bars to fit perfectly

·         All doors were require to be identical in all respects and therefore the modifications had to be very carefully worked

As is “normal”, so we have discovered, the end customer, having delayed the project for months, suddenly required the work to be completed urgently! The initial program and QCP was stipulated at ten days for completion. If that wasn’t enough in terms of stress, there were further delays from this mining giant which then reduced the work window we had been given down to seven days. Aaaaaaaargh!!!!

In addition a stringent QCP as well as our welding procedures had to be vetted before being accepted by our client prior to the actual work beginning.

On completion which, as a result of a concerted effort by our excellent production team, was attained in the (shortened) allowed time-span, the finished units were inspected by a team of three people before sign-off and delivered on time to a satisfied client.