When buying a container, we use the industry standard grading system so you know exactly what you'll be getting and can buy with confidence.

  • IICL – Institute of International Container Lessors – an organisation which groups the largest container and chassis leasing companies worldwide. The IICL sets repair standards, by which all repairs are carried out, for its members when containers are off hired. IICL is the strictest criterion out there for used containers.
  • CW – Cargo Worthy– Criterion under which a used shipping container is deemed suitable for the transport of cargo under TIR / UIC / CSC, and meets all the standards laid out in its original specification.  The Cargo Worthy standard generally implies that the container has a valid CSC.  Cargo worthiness can be certified by a third party container surveyor pursuant to a physical inspection of the used shipping container.
  • WWT – Wind & Water Tight  – a criterion under which containers are literally “wind and water tight”. In short, if you close yourself inside the container, you should not see any light coming through the panels or roof. It should be noted that this criterion however makes no reference to the quality of the understructure. A WWT container should therefore not be considered safe for the transport of cargo; unless it is explicitly confirmed it meets the CSC. WWT is commonly used to describe and qualify used storage containers.
  • AS IS -- the lowest grade. Not wind and water tight.